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Sunday 23rd February 11:14

20. Broken Squares

An Overview of "Broken Squares"

"Broken Squares" is an absorbing training team exercise with valuable learning points. Teams are required to put together 5 squares from 15 "broken" pieces. The snag is that they are not allowed to speak to each other or touch each others' pieces. While some teams will "get" this game quickly, others will struggle and need help. A valuable game with numerous avenues to explore.

Aims of this Teambuilder

The 3 aims of "Broken Squares" are:
To provide an illustration of teamworking
To highlight the importance of clear communications in a team
To encourage team members to give help and support

How to Use this Teambuilder

Like all the training team exercises in this series, "Broken Squares" provides you with a comprehensive guide to using this exercise on any teambuilding event. The Teambuilder will show you how to prepare, how to introduce the exercise, how to run it with possible variations and alternatives, and how to debrief and lead a post-exercise discussion.

"Broken Squares" also comes with the following worksheets and resources:
Worksheet 01: Broken Squares
Worksheet 02: Broken Squares
Worksheet 03: Broken Squares
Worksheet 04: Broken Squares
Worksheet 05: Broken Squares
Worksheet: Self-Assessment
Worksheet: Exercise Evaluation
Appendix 01: Team Roles

Complementary Products

You can find other training team exercises in the MTL E-Manuals and MTL 1daycourseplans series. You can also collect other Teambuilders such as It's Good to Talk and Ping Pong Slalom or download the complete set of 40 Teambuilders as a MTL Bumper Bundle. 

Price of this product: £12.95

Delivery Method:
This product can be downloaded directly from this site.

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