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Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers

"Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers" is a very special manual that will help you learn the art and science of management in easy, uncomplicated, and practical steps. The manual consists of 2000 one-liners taken from our wide-ranging collections of management products that will give you invaluable hints, tips, and techniques to apply in your day-to-day work. When put together, these one-liners give you everything you'll ever need to excel in the management of others and yourself.

One-Line Learning

The "Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers" manual is designed in 20 skills categories with 100 one-liners in each category. The categories are:

Appraisal Skills
Change Management
Counselling Skills
Customer Care
Delegation and Empowerment
Enneagram Personality Types
Facilitation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Leadership Skills
Maximising Your Potential
Presentation Skills
Recruitment and Selection
Stress Management
Thinking Skills
Time Management
Training Skills

Examples of Hints, Tips, and Techniques

Here, taken from the section on Leadership Skills, are just a handful of the hints, tips and techniques you'll learn in this manual:

· Leadership styles vary according to whether team needs are greater than task needs, or vice versa.
· The directive style of leadership requires a look of authority to be successful.
· A directive style of leadership may be called for when there is a crisis, a deadline or a major change.
· The consultative leader can choose whether to talk to the team and let them decide or talk to the team and decide themselves.
· Good leaders meet regularly with their team.
· The consultative style of leading requires the ability to use both one-way and two-way forms of communication with ease.
· A problem-solving style of leadership is necessary if the power of the team is as strong as the power of the leader.
· The problem-solving style of leadership aims to create win-win agreements with the team.
· A delegated leadership style is appropriate when the team are mature enough to get on with the task without the leader's interference.
· If you use a delegated style of leadership, you must resist the temptation to intervene when you don't like the way things are going.
· Delegation requires a high level of trust in the team.
· Delegation is not the same as abandoning the team to their own devices.
· A strong leader can adjust their style of leading to match the needs of the task and the needs of the team.
· A consistent leader sticks to one style all the time, a contingent leader changes to suit.

Getting the Best from "Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers"

"Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers" is the perfect companion for learning in spare moments of your time. From your computer, you can dip in whenever you like to pick up on new ideas or remind yourself of something you'd forgotten. It can also be an ideal way to focus on getting into the right frame of mind before an important meeting, interview, or team event. There are so many ways to use this manual, you'll be just glad it's there when you need it.

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