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Sunday 23rd February 11:14
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Personal Development

How to Manage Your Greatest Resource, You

personaldevelopment_200If there's one thing that will distinguish work in the new century from the past, it's the recognition of the potential that every person possesses. How far you can go, how far you can develop, how far you can succeed, depends as never before on how you manage you and your personal development.

In particular, there are four personal development skills that you must have. These are:
· Assertiveness
· Maximising Your Potential
· Stress Management
· Time Management

Assertiveness: Using Your Innate Confidence for Better Relationships

Do you want to know why some organizations positively fizz when you visit them, while others are as stale as flat beer? It's to do with the people. The top organizations value their staff and their staff value themselves. In the best organizations, managers have learnt how to manage assertively rather than adversarially ... more

Maximising Your Potential: Discovering and Developing Your Greatest Gifts

There is a basic urge inside all human beings to improve themselves. This is in constant battle with a contrary urge, the desire to play safe. In some people, the desire to be a Consolidator and avoid engagement wins out. But this route leads to little accomplishment and little achievement..... more

Stress Management: Turning Stress into Super-Health

According to statistics, in the average organization of 10,000 people, 42 die each year, prematurely and unnecessarily, from diseases related to stress. Stress is a modern fact of life. And a modern fact of death.... more

Time Management: Using your Time Effectively

Edward Sheldrick of Time Management Inc says that people at work are either pearl crushers or pearl divers. The pearl crushers destroy the gifts that work brings while the pearl divers discover them... more

Click below to find out how you can develop these personal development skills in yourself and others.

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