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Sunday 23rd February 11:14
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Working with Others

How to Become a Master Communicator

listening_200If you wanted to get ahead in the Industrial Age, you needed the skills of power: the ability to control, direct, harness and exploit. In the new Information Age, where people are key, you need a whole new set of skills: the ability to relate, connect, understand, listen, explain, influence, motivate. In short, the skills of working with others:

· Communications
· Customer Care
· Influencing and Negotiating Skills
· Presentation Skills

Communications: Unblock Your Organisation's Arteries

When your organization fails to communicate properly, it's like a gridlocked traffic system. Nothing gets through. Others don't reach you… and you don't reach them. And that leads to all the symptoms of an organization that doesn't work: frustration; anger; missed deadlines; late deliveries; blame and criticism; bad news all round... more

Customer Care: Delivering the Wow Factor

Where would you go for the best customer service in the world? Until recently, there was only one answer to this question: Japan! The Japanese… a country with no natural resources of their own, except for their people… were the undisputed leaders in service, quality and customer care. There were two reasons for this, two things that the Japanese put at the top of their customer service agenda.... more

Influencing and Negotiating Skills: Getting What You Want

Are your negotiators getting plenty of experience in negotiations? If so, and it's all they're getting, then it's time they stopped. Because what they need to get in every deal they make is more than experience. They need to get everything they want!... more

Presentation Skills: Selling Your Ideas to Others

According to surveys, the one thing that frightens us more than anything else is giving a presentation in front of an audience. Crazy as it seems, we are more frightened of giving a talk than we are of dying!.... more

Click below to find out how you can develop these communication skills in yourself and others. 

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